Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Tour Guide Speech
Listen to a tour guide on a shuttle bus from
the Ngurah Rai airport to the resort.

Welcoming tourists:
Hello everyone. My name is Gusti. On behalf of Top Tours I'd like to welcome you all to Bali. The bus ride to your hotel will take about fifteen minutes. Right now I'd like to take a minute to familiarize you with the area and discuss some brief safety precautions. Firstly, I ask that you remain seated until we reach our destination and that you not eat or drink while on the bus. Secondly, please realize that it is against the law to get drunk in public. Enjoy your vacation, but do drink responsibly and do not drink and drive.

Describing the location:
I promise you are going to enjoy your stay here in Bali, the Paradise Island. This is a beautiful, quiet city where you can relax, sit by the beach, enjoy great meals and feel very safe. You can walk into town and enjoy the fountains or take a moonlit walk along the water. Please do not swim at the forbidden areas. This is not a safe place to swim because there is a strong undertow. Sanur and Kuta Beach is the place to go if you want to enjoy swimming in the ocean. You can take a short bus ride from your hotel. There you will also enjoy entertainment and Kecak dancing.

Introducing special events and offers:
Top  tours offers a variety of special discounts depending on your travel plans. We have golf packages, as well as guided whale boat tours, and fishing charters. There will be a short information session at 1pm in the lobby of the hotel tomorrow where you can learn all about these offers. We recommend that you do not purchase packages from street vendors as they are not always 100 percent reliable. They also may charge you more than what they say. Please take my advice and allow Suntan tours to book all of your day trips and activities while you are here.

Offering advice:
If you need to exchange your dollars into Rupiah, please use a bank or money exchange. We don't recommend exchanging your money at the hotel because you won't get a fair rate. Some restaurants will accept American or Canadian money, but you are better off to exchange your money and pay with Rupiah. Or, if you prefer, you can always use your credit cards. Also, if you want to get around the city, or travel to Ubud and Singaraja, we recommend that you take the local bus rather than a taxi. The bus costs about several American dollars, and the driver can give you change if you don't have the exact amount. If you do decide to take a taxi make sure that you negotiate a price before you go.
Closing remarks:

We're going to be pulling up to the hotel in just a few minutes. Please sit back and enjoy the view of the ocean on the left hand side of the bus as we enter the city. I ask that you remain in your seats until we have come to a complete stop. Javier will be meeting us at the bus to help you with your bags. Please double check to make sure your bag has been taken off the bus. On behalf of Top Tours, have a wonderful vacation in Bali the Island gods  and I hope to see you tomorrow at the information session.

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